What’s He After???

September 10, 2009

Over the years I’ve come across so many people who all share the same sense of loss at one level or another.  Not loss from a loved one dying or being terminated from a job, but loss stemming from a dream that never materialized or a prayer that never got answered. Yet every one of those people have also had great moments in God.  Times when everything went right for them.  Unfortunately so many  take the dreams or prayers that lie unfulfilled or unanswered and form an opinion of the will of God based on them.  The real tragedy is that we tend to leave those hopes to rot after not seeing breakthrough in a time-frame of our making and we adjust our viewpoints downward.  Yet in Matthew 7:7 the Lord tells us to ask and keep asking, seek and keep seeking, knock and keep knocking.  For whatever reason, He wants us to experience the challenge of  living with the mystery of not knowing when breakthrough is coming.  And on top of that He instructs us to keep asking for the breakthrough we haven’t seen yet. So what does He want, I mean…what’s He after?

I know it sounds weird in a consumer culture, but God is really more interested in who we are, than the breakthroughs we’re after. Many times grace comes and He grants some things without much effort on our part.  We get to experience the incredible ecstasy of being blessed when we didn’t even expect it but God is so loving that at other times He tethers breakthrough to our persistence in chasing Him.  In those times the challenge is staying persistent and not allowing ourselves to buy into the lie that God doesn’t want us to have the thing we’re praying about.  The challenge is not allowing frustration to creep into our hearts and open the door to unbelief.

So which is it? Is God a schizophrenic? What do you think He is bringing about in your heart as you press for breakthrough but on other occasions fall out of bed into a blessing?  Is it possible that He is training our hearts to care more about Him than the things we hunger for? Is it possible that He’s leading us into a lifestyle where are our joy is complete. In John 16:24 Jesus tell us to pray to the father so our joy will be complete. The joy is in relating to the Father, knowing that he hears us when we call, not the stuff that comes as a by-product.  The by-products are wonderful but I feel like we are a generation that is going to know the complete joy of the Lord as we learn to keep pressing into Him whether we get blessed in our time-frame or not. As great as breakthrough is…HE is forever and always….the great reward.


10 Responses to “What’s He After???”

  1. Carol said

    Thanks for this…
    Is it possible to pray for a breakthrough and it not be fullfilled because it isn’t good for us? I was thinking along the lines of praying for something with expectation and believing it will come but it doesn’t because it’s not the right time or not the right thing (although I may feel it is what I need).

    Does that make sense?

    • Troy Goode said

      Absolutely makes sense. Part of the journey is a continual back and forth with the Father, where in that process we may be led to re-direct our prayers because we learn that we weren’t praying something that is His will. However, I am referring more to the things we don’t need to question are His will. We know healing is His will, salvation is His will. The great thing about the bible is that is is our contract with God and the more we know about the contract the more confident we can be about what His will is and just pray til we see the manifestation.

  2. Priscilla DaSilva said

    Hey PT,
    Great blog! It is definitely a word of encouragement for me. As I expressed to you in our conversations, I definitely want more of God. However, I never really understood the connection between my hunger and revelation until just now! I will continue to pursue him inspite of what I see in the natural. Thanks so much for writing this blog . . . It is interesting though that as you seek more of HIM, you actually want HIM more than the blessings that you are praying to manifest.

  3. Roy Barrett said

    Pastor T,

    As always, you’re voice of godly provocation and stimulation. May God continue to fan the flames for a passionate pursuit of Him that burns bright in your heart; causing you to contagiously infect the lives of those around.


  4. This post reminds me how important it is to be willing to be in the quiet place with the Father even when no talking is going on. The relationship that the Father wants with us is simple and pure and without contingencies or defined outcomes. He’s going to get his glory no matter what. It’s just nice when HE does it and we are part of the equation.

  5. Pleshette Vonner said

    How ironic. Truly insightful blog. I was just speaking with a friend about staying fixed on God and giving him total attention and praise in whatever season you’re experiencing.

  6. Lori Thames said

    Your message is so full of life hope and prophecy. You put the very desires of our heart and soul in to words with descriptive purposeful, conviction. This will not only prepare us but it also helps to move us to pray on purpose seeking God’s Will and not our own. I am grateful to be under your ministry because I know that it is my ministry too. Your willingness to arm us with weapons that will prepare us for the battle keeps me hopeful in our tomorrow. Confident in his healing and humble in his presence. Thank you for this blog.

  7. Adele Varella said

    Pastor Troy, I think this is good. Once again you are on point. I have gone to God in prayer and asked and asked and asked? lol…I have learned that somethings I experience if it sickness. I don’t have to tolerate, that the Holy Spirit is right there to bring healing whether emotional or physically and that you can stand firm and tag team the enemy!! In your face I got the word and the Holy Spirit now take that, cause I’m not tolerating this any more.( I’m going to grow up one day- I like to be silly)However there are times and in this current situation where I’m asking for things that are all in God’s timing. I can honestly say that I have found God in such a different way at New Dimension Church. I found a lovely God. It has made me trust Him!!!As you feel His love you feel His protection His concern. So when I pray now I thank Him because I feel His love so strongly since I joined New Dimension I know He has my back. I know the church is going to grow in leaps and bounds but I’m so happy that I joined when I did. I love the small intimate setting, it feels warm and cozy. For me its been a blessing because I feel like I am experiencing God my Daddy in a whole new way.

  8. Carla said

    This is so on point. I have been vacillating back and forth with this very issue for months now. I pray and pray but no answer, so I stop asking thinking it is not God’s will. I finally put aside the doubt and unbelief last night! God has done so much in my life and I know that HE will continue to bless me. I was able to accept that God only desires my heart and from that there will be many blessings. The more I seek HIM, the more fulfilled I am with or without the blessings. HE is the blessing. Thanks for this word of confirmation!

  9. J.T.Forde said

    Pastor Troy, Thank you! I’ve been searching for answers on this ‘lost dreams’ ‘unanswered prayers’ issue for a while and what you said below really puts it in perspective for me. It’s okay! I can move past the disappointment of not having my dreams realized because of this fundamental truth.

    “Is it possible that He is training our hearts to care more about Him than the things we hunger for? Is it possible that He’s leading us into a lifestyle where our joy is complete”

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