A Gathering Of Angels!

November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving attracts the activity of Angels in our lives. Angels are spiritual beings that surround the throne of God at all times. They don’t have a reference point for struggle, failure, disappointments, and heartbreak. Angels whole existence centers around praise and obedience to the father. They are created beings that never fell, never wavered in their commitment, never stood in need of redemption.

They know our story, as eternal beings that defy time& space they’ve watched us from our beginning and are fascinated with the human condition. According to Hebrews 1:14 they have been commissioned to aid the redeemed. The Apostle Paul instructs us to give thanks in everything. I think he learned something when he was in a jail in Philippi. He must have remembered when he and Silas were locked in the inner prison it was their thanksgiving and praise that attracted the supernatural and caused their release (Acts 16).

So many are imprisoned right now. Imprisoned in their thinking, poverty mindsets, bad relationships, addictions, and other types bondages. I believe the key to their release is simple thanksgiving. Our thanksgiving causes an increase in Angelic activity. Angels gather, because they are thrilled to see people who have come up out of great tribulation still give thanksgiving to the Lord our God. Thanksgiving is a supernatural tool. I believe a gateway to a supernatural lifestyle is our thanksgiving. I dare you to give God thanks in the midst of your day, you’ll feel the atmosphere change, you’ll start to sense the release, your attitude will change, and your heart will become more aware of Him-all of this indicating a gathering of Angels that have come to celebrate with you, look on with joy, and serve your need. I love this time of year, it focuses us on what He’s done and causes us to give Him thanks-this time of year actually sets the stage for the greatest breakthroughs we’ve seen.


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