Honoring Spiritual Fathers

March 2, 2012

Recently I had the joy of ministering in Botswana for Pastor Marcdonald Ndlovu. Pastor Marcdonald’s home is very similar to mine…full of young people, incredible energy, and the future of the ministry and a nation buzzing around.  While there I shared a lot with them about my early years as a Christian.  I told them how important to me accessing the wisdom of my spiritual fathers had been over the years.  When the Father has placed you in the midst of a man of God, it is so critical that you not be satisfied with mere familiarity.  Familiarity is often an enemy to your breakthrough.  Familiarity blinds you and causes you to see someone in the flesh instead of seeing them in the spirit.  I often talk to my own children about this dynamic because I never want them to become so familiar with me that they lose sight of my position in the spirit.  I believe this is how Eli’s son’s became wicked.  They dishonored their father’s position in the spirit by allowing themselves to become too familiar with their dad and lose respect for the prophet that he was. An anointing that should have been their birthright was passed on to a spiritual son instead, Samuel.  They devalued their dad’s anointing in their own minds and it cost them severely.  You have to cultivate a hunger in your heart for what your leader’s carry.   God has given each of you a man or woman of God to give you spiritual leadership.  Their benefit in your world is commensurate to the amount of value you place on them.  You must seek after what’s inside the man or woman of God in your life that the Father has given you.  I’m not suggesting idol worship here but I am suggesting a simple recognition of the leaders that speak the word of God into your life.  Paul teaches us that we are to imitate their faith.   Ask questions about his or her vision, what God is saying to him, what he is sensing, how does he see particular bible passages.  Engage who he is in the spirit, stay interested.  Through those types of exchanges you’ll find God releasing more wisdom to you.  That type of hunger causes you to grow exponentially in wisdom.  We’ve been so blessed in our local fellowship with such amazing pastors and leaders.  Most churches take years to develop a core of leaders but we were blessed to start with ten incredible people who serve as pastors and a host of others that are leaders in there own right in the ministry.  I want to encourage everyone to take time with your leaders, engage them in dialogue, pull close to them.  You’ll be so blessed that you didn’t allow familiarity to keep you from accessing the deep riches of God stored inside of them and awaiting you.


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