The Presence Driven Life

March 2, 2012

In Psalms 16 the writer speaks of the total pleasure and joy that is found in the presence of the Lord. When my wife and I began our ministry over three years ago to say we were nervous would be somewhat of an understatement. We were filled with so many concerns about our new step of faith. Would it work, would people be ministered to, would the ministry ever be able to support us? In the midst of those topsy-turvy times the Father would consistently make His presence known and incredibly all of the concerns suddenly weren’t as concerning. I learned right from the outset that cultivating God’s presence in my life was going to be central to our survival. We still have topsy-turvy times but I have learned to handle them by releasing God’s presence into our circumstances and His track record is unblemished. Today, in our “self-improvement society” you can find “6 keys for success” in pretty much any aspect of living. But the Psalm challenges this cultural phenomenon and instructs us to live a “presence driven life.” That presence of God releases His raw power into your circumstances and it carries with it everything you need; be it answers, peace, healing, or financial support. His presence is the most powerful force in time or eternity. King Jehoshaphat learned the power of a presence driven life, when He was faced with an army of three nations all wanting to destroy Israel. The King, in great desperation, was encouraged by a prophet and told to just worship God. The worship of God so stirred up the presence of God that it went into the armies of the three nations and destroyed them all. What a lesson for us today, Jehoshaphat came into this incredible victory through the presence of God and he experienced it under an inferior covenant. How much more should we experience victory through His presence under a new covenant that’s filled with better promises? The enemy works extremely hard to keep our minds diverted from this simple yet powerful truth. All of us are constantly bombarded with suggestions for success, get-rich-quick schemes, smarmy ways of getting ahead, devious ways of avoiding trouble, and yet the presence driven life is the most powerful, pure, and simple lifestyle choice one can make. In His presence there is fullness of joy and at His right hand there are pleasures forevermore. In your drive for life, be driven toward His presence and by His presence.


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