True Focus

May 10, 2012

Lately I’ve been really meditating on Hebrews 11:8-10.  In these passages we learn that Abraham never got hung up on the land because he was always focused on the PROMISE which meant so much more than the ground he found himself sojourning in.  As friends of God there are promises we all carry that supersede our current situations.  This is what engulfed Abraham’s heart.  He was possessed by a promise so the land he lived in, the challenges he had, the ups and downs of his life didn’t become his life.  Abraham embraced this truth  so much so that scripture teaches us he would only live in tents.  In other words he wouldn’t even allow the house he chose to become the permanent fixture and focus of his life.  It wasn’t that he couldn’t afford a house or that settling down was a bad thing, it was just that Abraham’s heart was so fixated on something greater that he never gave his permanent housing a thought.  He was looking to a city that only could have been built by God, anything short of that was unsatisfactory to Abraham and he couldn’t settle for mediocre when he knew greatness was available.  I know it sounds a little extreme but that type of thinking is more wired into your DNA than you know.  We are called seeds of Abraham and he is our father of faith.  Within us is a natural desire to see God’s promises come to pass in our lives.  It is the thing our hearts burn with.  The enemy attempts to bombard us with the affairs of life in order to keep us from our true focus but God knows us better than the enemy.  God knows we can go through our challenges and keep our heart fixed on His promises.  He knows we have the capacity to grow stronger through adversity and become even better conduits of His grace.  The trappings of this world are just tents and God is well able to take care of our tents if we will focus on His promise.  Let’s keep leaning into God’s promises and be people that will exercise dominion on the 7 mountains of culture! That’s the goal…on earth as it is in Heaven.


One Response to “True Focus”

  1. Neo Mokoena said

    Thank you so much for this post, this is exactly what I needed to read 🙂

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