Full Body Makeover

August 25, 2012

Dr. Martin Luther King famously quoted, “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”  In the Kingdom of God people are coming together like they did in the formative years of the church when Christians would sell property in order to help one another.  Other barriers of separation are coming down as well.  We’re living in an incredible time when God is causing the rest of His body to catch up to the head.  In other words, we’re finally seeing the gap close between church leaders and the people they lead.  It’s fascinating to see “ordinary people” catch the revelation that the same Holy Spirit residing in pastors and leaders is also residing in them.  This has heightened my awareness to another dynamic as well:  That all of us are caretakers of God’s heart and desire for transformation.  I recently read again the story of Moses hitting the rock to get water to come out when he was clearly told to speak to the rock.  His disobedience cost him dearly but it also cost Aaron because he had been right there with Moses receiving the same instructions from God about what to do to the rock.  In essence, Aaron was as responsible for carrying out God’s instructions as Moses was.  They had different roles to play, but Aaron knew what the deal was and should have helped Moses stay the course.  Moreover, the whole nation of Israel should have been a people that valued the word of Lord so much they wouldn’t allow their complaining to create the atmosphere that drove their leader to such frustration in the first place.  Therein lies the rub.  Unfortunately, there has long been the mistaken notion in the Kingdom of God that leaders and heads are the ones solely responsible for God’s word coming to pass and that the rest of the body gets to sit back and enjoy the ride with no real responsibility.  Granted, leadership is essential, and when there are leadership failures the people around them always take a hit. Leaders are primarily responsible for communicating and modeling what God is saying to the people but those people become a part of team that collectively carry the burden of fulfilling God’s plan.  There is no distinction in the mind of God concerning his body.  For example, when you’ve had a pain in your joints you’ve taken some type of pain medication orally with the expectation that the medicine would work it’s way through your bloodstream to the joints that are hurting. It’s the same in God. He has an expectation that words He releases to the head of his body will be digested and properly impact the whole body. Unfortunately too often God’s revelations touch the head but not the toe.  God is releasing words of revival and reformation over whole cities and I’m so excited to be meeting so many leaders and heads that are clearly hearing from Heaven about this, but God wants His whole body to be impacted by His revelations.  What we need is a full body makeover because He is working to raise up a whole people, not just individual superstars to bring His desires to pass.  He wants an army an not an audience.  I encourage you to lock into Godly leadership because that’s fundamental; but don’t merely go to church to be entertained by a good speaker and then relinquish the responsibility of reformation to them.  Pay close attention to what they’re saying and take it into your heart.  In Acts 4 it says “they gave themselves to the Apostle’s teaching.”  The phrase “gave themselves” means they locked into the Apostle’s teaching with such fervor that they wouldn’t allow anything to hinder them from seeing those words come to pass.  That’s what we need in our cities today, a people who will so give themselves to the Rhema of the Lord that the transformation of nations will be a natural byproduct of a such a committed people.



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